Updating table of contents in microsoft word Eureka xxx

22-Sep-2016 17:14

When creating a structured document in Word it’s generally a good idea to include a table of contents.

Not only does this allow readers to find the information they need quicky and easily, but it also lends the publication a level of professionalism.

The two Headings formats also stand for different things. While Heading 2 creates sub-sections within the last main section, and Heading 3 subheadings within those.

So, the first thing to do is to go to your document and highlight the text that will make up your first section/chapter heading. The text will turn into a large font, most likely in a blue colour, thus indicating that it’s now in a Heading 1 format.

I highly recommend that you always use this option.

In this way, your Table of Contents will match the text of your document.

If you create a Table of Contents for a document but then change the actual document, it’s likely that you will also change …

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All of the text will be the same as it appears in the main document, because this is where the contents are drawn from.There’s going to be a little bit of formatting involved. Essentially the way the automated contents feature works is that Word scans the document for any text formatted as either Heading 1, 2, or 3.Then it uses these to create the contents sections.This article explains how to update the Table of Contents (Contents Page) or Table of Figures or Table of Tables in your Word 2007, 2010 or 2013 document, which could be a report, dissertation, thesis, book or anything else.

To find out how to create a Table of Contents in Word, please refer to this article.

Thankfully Microsoft has built tools into its all-conquering Office suite that makes this a simple task.

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