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The 1971 album Somethin' Else recorded by Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass prominently featured an electric sitar, a first for the country music industry.

The instrument provided accompaniment on such songs as "Snowbird", "Rose Garden", "Are You from Dixie? On ABBA’s 1979 recording of "I Have A Dream" the refrain is played on an electric sitar.

A few models, such as the Jerry Jones "Baby" sitar, lack both sympathetic and drone strings, while still retaining the distinctive buzz bridge.

The "sympathetic" strings on most electric sitars do not resonate strongly enough to match the effect of an acoustic sitar.

Because the tone quality and playing technique differ significantly from that of the sitar, it is typically used in rock, jazz, and fusion styles.

A unique type of bridge, a "buzz bridge" (developed by session musician Vincent Bell), helps give the instrument its distinctive sound.

Some electric sitars have drone strings in lieu of sympathetic strings.

There are resonant chambers in the solidbody instruments that have Masonite tops, however it is not enough to excite the 13 strings into true sympathy.

The strings are tensioned over two rosewood bridges with fret material as saddles so the sound is more like an autoharp than a sitar.

The 2014 album Black Messiah by American neo-soul singer D'Angelo and backing band The Vanguard, features use of the electric sitar on tracks such as "Another Life" and "The Charade".

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