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20-Sep-2016 12:30

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By about 680, it had revived sufficiently to become a major port, although there is little evidence of large-scale production of goods.From the 820s the town declined because of repeated Viking invasions.That was the goal of our founder Sanchita Saha after seeing how tough it could be for city dwellers and newcomers to just meet new friends in London to be able to go out and have a laugh with.The only thing around were forums to “make friends online in London” but her vision was to create a welcoming and trusted place where you could not just meet people online in London but get together with people offline enjoying nights out that felt like socialising with friends.

It is agreed that the name came into these languages from British Celtic; recent work tends to reconstruct the lost Celtic form of the name as *[Londonjon] or something similar.

Archaeological research shows that this involved abandonment of Lundenwic and a revival of life and trade within the old Roman walls.

London then grew slowly until about 950, after which activity increased dramatically.

The only genuine way she felt you could really meet new friends in London for life.

As we get older, life gets busier and it’s not always easy to meet friends in London when you’re free and they’re not.

For the region and county of England, see Greater London.

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