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Another faction, which prefers the status quo, opposes the 4400, and has sent their own operatives, including Isabelle Tyler and "the Marked", into the past.The exact motives of both factions have not yet been revealed.One of the inhibitor's side effects is a potentially fatal immune deficiency.The inhibitor is ultimately removed from the 4400 by a dose of promicin extracted by Kevin Burkhoff from the blood of the infant Isabelle, who was never given the inhibitor.The US government attempts to reclaim Promise City but meets with little success.At the conclusion of the series, Danny Farell's uncontrolled ability exposed some of the residents of Seattle to promicin, resulting in about 9,000 deaths and as many newly empowered humans, while at the same time forcing the remains of NTAC (now themselves mostly promicin-positive) to ask Jordan Collier and his followers (as the only group immune to the 50% chance of death from exposure) to become the de facto government of Seattle.The National Threat Assessment Command (NTAC), a division of the Department of Homeland Security, is in charge of dealing with the return of the 4400. Ryland assigns Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris as the lead team to investigate the 4400.In season 2, Ryland goes to Washington and is replaced by Nina Jarvis.

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The season(s) during which each actor has been included in the main cast are marked in green.None of the 4400 have aged from the time of their disappearance.Confused and disoriented, they remember nothing between the time of their disappearance and their return.More significantly, a small number of the returnees begin to manifest paranormal abilities, such as telekinesis, telepathy and precognition, as well as other "gifts".

For example, in the pilot, Shawn Farrell manifests an ability to heal the broken neck of a dead bird, bringing it back to life.

Cada uno de los 4400 había desaparecido en distintos períodos de tiempo a partir de 1946, en un haz de luz blanca.

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