Grand theft auto iv dating alex

01-Jan-2017 07:01

Alex lives in the Middle Park East neighbourhood of Algonquin, a couple blocks up from Niko's Middle Park East Safehouse.Apparently, she has a pink limo, though it is never seen.

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Alex Chilton is the only female who you must find on another website, Go to one of the two Internet Cafés or use the laptop inside your safehouse near Middle Park in Algonquin.

Once you are on the homepage, scroll down until you see a banner.

If you do not see it, simply type in the Web address in the address bar, then click “Done.” Click the “Women seeking men” link near the bottom of the page.

Act the part and pretend to listen to her horrible stories and she’s all yours.

As a rich girl she specializes in shopping, if you’ve impressed her then she’ll make sure you’re equipped to dress to impress and if you call her she will setup a discount for you at Perseus. Good times to call Alex: AM-AM Vehicles Alex likes: Cognoscenti, Huntley, Infernus, Turismo, Stretch Vehicles Alex dislikes: Bobcat, Dukes, Emperor, Pony, Willard Clothes Alex likes on Niko: Anything from Perseus Clothes Alex dislikes on Niko: Anything from The Russian Shop or Modo How Alex rates places to eat: Cluckin’ Bell – – 50 Burger Shot – – 50 Diner – – 60 Mr.She refers to Niko as the "Mysterious European" on her blog but also uses Niko's name on occasion.

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