Family sex chat room

30-Jun-2016 09:04

I just think he was very lonely as he had a difficult past which he spoke about a lot.

“But he always meant well, you just were never sure what mood he was in when he entered the chat room.

A user of the chat group, who does not wish to be named, saw Mr Tomkins, known online as Yakka, sit at his computer screen without talking.Tomkins, a self-employed plasterer, was found dead when police broke into his home in Wallington, south London.It followed a call from another concerned chatroom user in the early hours of Christmas Day.Gregory Tomkins live streamed his own death in an “insults” chat group as an administrator in the US desperately tried to dial 999.

The chatroom supervisor also pleaded with those in the UK to call the emergency services.

Sitting by watching people like a chatter who was present and witnessed it ignore requests to call police was truly futile.” Earlier this month Mr Tomkins changed his profile picture on his G Tomkins Plastering Facebook page to include a “Merry Christmas” banner.