Dating men with no money

17-Jun-2016 01:13

Too much money makes me uncomfortable, but no money makes me frustrated. I don’t want someone who spends his days sitting on the couch smoking weed and watching sports while bemoaning his lack of funds. I don’t want to be with any more guys who make less money than I do. I’m into doing so inexpensively, but if you can’t even cover your own rent… If he’s broke in his 30s, I worry about his motivation in all areas.

I can’t relate to a guy who has tons of nice things. I take a guy’s lack of money in his adult years as a serious indication of problems in other areas.

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He would always suggest going to the liquor store, grabbing a bottle and going back to my place to talk and chill. I had to speak up and tell him I didn’t want to drink any hard liquor in my house and just “talk.” I suggested a restaurant, and we went. He was always down to do fun things, but how if he was unemployed?

But before you can do any of those things, he needs to be upfront about his financial situation.