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18-Dec-2016 16:47

perhaps hemmed up at some point due to a heel tear or something..... Love the other details like the ruching on the skirt sides, upper skirt and wide cuffs, the puffy sleeves, and the pigeon shape bodice front.

Note: the gown is shorter in the back than the front... It's a tiny gown, so my mannequin is a bit too large for it, but it closes fine up the back.

unless you faint at the alter), and then change for your reception.

But you will get your wedding photos in this HISTORIC, CECIL BEATON, BARBRA STREISAND gown without hurting it. Always great to have the absolute provenance with a wedding gown.

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but really the only issue is that the right (your left) shoulder chiffon has some minor discoloration and extremely small tears in the chiffon. if you want to wear this gown for your wedding, that you wear it ONLY for the ceremony (where you are not moving really want to have a button hook for this, or a maid of honor with tiny finger with sharp nails!